Did you know we insure more than just classic cars?

Vehicles That Don’t Make the Cut

Of course there are exceptions to every rule, and the same goes for the vehicles we can insure. We don’t offer insurance for:

  • Motorcycles, Trikes, or All-Terrain Vehicles
  • Any vehicles used in any type of racing or track activities (e.g. time trials, on-track driver education, nostalgic car track days, drifting, burnout competitions, etc.)
  • Any vehicles used for towing/hauling, camping, off-road or utility-type driving, or commercial use
  • Pro-street vehicles modified exclusively with racing equipment such as wheelie castors, roll cages, parachutes, 700 hp or greater, etc. (show-use only vehicles may be given consideration)
  • Tuners or any vehicles used in Stereo/Sound competitions or shows
  • Any vehicle powered by Nitrous Oxide, Propane, Alcohol, or Nitro Methane fuel systems
  • Homemade or Handmade vehicles. Professionally built vehicles may be given consideration.
  • Low riders
  • 1963 – 1967 Shelby Cobra Roadsters replica automobiles
  • Japanese manufactured Right-hand drive vehicles less than 25 years of age
  • Tanks and X-Military Vehicles with Tracks
  • Dune Buggies or Sand Rails