Special Coverage for Your Beloved Vehicle

We know that there’s more to your collector car than just its intrinsic financial value. We understand the very real emotional attachment and the amount of time and loving energy you've put into your vehicle.

We also know that life happens, and in the unfortunate event of a total loss, you're very likely going to attempt to buy your car back from salvage. Whether it's to rebuild it or use the parts for your next passion project, the car you love lives on, and that's where Hagerty's Cherished Salvage coverage comes in.  

In that unfortunate event of a covered total loss, you get to keep your vehicle and still receive the full Guaranteed Value.

Coverage Details

  • No salvage value will be deducted from your final payment if you choose to retain your collector vehicle.
  • Cost of 15% of the vehicle’s Comprehensive and Collision premiums (if applicable).

Contact us today to speak a broker about adding Cherished Salvage coverage to your policy.