Top 5 Small Screen Classic Cars

Written by Doreen Addorisio on January 26, 2018

We can all appreciate the wonderful world of classic cars through the eyes of our favourite car-featuring TV Series. The likes of Knight Rider and the Dukes of Hazzard had even non-car enthusiasts starting to take notice of how awesome the classic cars were.

Here are the top 5 classic cars from the small screen from around the world.

  1. The Jaguar MK II

    John Thaw posing with Jaguar MK II. Source: ALAMY.

    The Jaguar MK II was seen in an old-school detective show featuring Inspector Morse. Based in Oxford, this TV series had Inspector Morse darting about Oxfordshire in this 60’s beauty from Jaguar. The MK II was a popular choice on-screen for those running on both sides of the law.

  2. Volvo P1800

    Roger Moore with the iconic Volvo P1800. Source: REX/ITV

    This classic found itself turning heads and being driven by Roger Moore in the TV series titled “The Saint”. The Volvo P1800 is known to be one of the best-looking cars of the 60’s among enthusiasts and the appearance in this show may have been a contributing factor to its reputation.

  3. Audi Quattro

     Philip Glenister poses with the 1983 Quattro. Source: CAR magazine UK.

    Some of us may remember the catchphrase “Fire up the Quattro” from the BBC series Ashes to Ashes. The Quattro was already a “cool” car, known for its ability to rally, which was simply emphasized by these time-travelling cops seeking out the bad guys in the 80’s.

  4. Ford Capri MK III

    Bodie & Doyle with the Ford Capri. Source: Pinterest.

    For those of us that like the on-screen action sequences of the 70’s, the 3.0 S Capri is burnt into the memories of Bodie and Doyle fans. The Ford Capri MK III could take a pounding and come back for more. The image of Bodie and Doyle emerging from their Capri with weapons drawn most also likely added to the car’s popularity.

  5. The Pontiac Firebird

    David Hasselhoff on top of the Firebird. Source: Cool Rides Online.

    We all remember the king of cool, David Hasselhoff in his hit TV series Knight Rider, featuring his AI-enabled 1982 Pontiac Firebird. The car looked fantastic on-screen and the fact it had its own personality and sleek lines helped it gain instant classic status. Who didn’t want a KITT to kick around in?

The classics we see on-screen weren’t necessarily instant love affairs for all of us, but their on-screen appearances definitely helped create an interest, demand and enhance reputations. Whether action-packed sequences or simply cruising through a picturesque countryside, these are our top 5 small-screen classics.

Which ones did we miss? What were your favourite classics?

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