People We Meet at Car Shows

Written by Mike Wilson on April 01, 2018

People are funny in the sense that when they love something, they have wide-ranging ways of showing their appreciation for it. And for our purpose, that “something” is classic cars… and where best to find a gathering of enthusiasts than at a classic car show?

Some of us are quirky and eccentric, wearing our best branded apparel while others learn as much detail, or statistics, as possible about the classics.

Here are the top 5 types of people we meet at classic car shows.

  1. The collector that likes their car more than they like their kids

    This collector spends more time in their garage than they do with their family. If they aren’t working on their car, they are researching the next car show to attend. This car lover will also spare no expense on a new bumper but if their teenage son wants $20 to go to the movies, he’s going to have to earn it. They love their car so much because it doesn’t complain, ask favours, or want them to sit through recitals. The only similarity their classic and their children have in common is the ability to drain their wallets.

    The only exception to this would be the grandchildren. Grandchildren are allowed to climb on the new upholstery, honk the horn 120 times in a row and eat ice cream in the back seat.

  2. The guy whose wife knows more about cars than he does

    We all know one of these guys…They go to the car show and comment on how great the new paint job is while his wife finds a fellow car lover to talk about engines and restorations. She knows how many corvettes were produced in 1972 and how many hours it took to make one. She is happy to talk cars all day long while her husband holds her purse and smiles awkwardly while looking around for the nearest snack stand.

  3. The gearhead whose restoration is never done

    There is always room for improvement. Their baby needs a new steering wheel or the paint needs to be changed, or the interior isn’t right or they know the perfect parts are out there somewhere! The car never sees the road and spends its days in the garage on a lift. They spend months or even years working on it to make it perfect, and when it seems like it’s finally complete, they sell it off and buy a new one that needs a lot of TLC. Restore, sell, repeat!

  4. The collector that will travel anywhere for their car parts

    This collector will plan a family trip from Toronto to Pittsburgh because they found a guy over the border that has the perfect gear shifter for their 1980 Camaro. They make their family pack light to ensure there is enough room in the trunk to bring all their new parts back home for installation. They arrange their sightseeing adventures around the places they need to buy parts from and no distance is too far.

  5. The car lover that spends more money on their car than on a vacation

    They would choose a weekend at a hotel in London, Ontario at the Fleetwood Country Cruize In, over two weeks in Cancun. They can take the entire family to Disney for a week or they can finally get their hands on that 1979 Chevy they’ve had their eye on since they were a teenager. No expense is spared when restoring their vehicle and only the best gasoline is used in the tank. If their car makes a funny sound they will have it at the mechanic immediately no matter the cost. Even if that means putting that costly trip to visit their in-laws in Florida on the backburner. (Although this shift in funds may be justified for some).


Know of other “stereotypes” of car show people? Let us know!

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