Finding Friends With Common Interests

Written by Mike Wilson on March 07, 2018

It’s always best when you can find new friends that share a common interest. The question we look at today is how to best find new friends that share your love for classic cars.

One of the easiest ways, of course, is to look for an active auto club in your area. And by active, we mean those that have scheduled, organized shows or events, preferably on a regular basis.

These regularly scheduled events not only demonstrate gumption, but also offer opportunities for you to get out and see the beauties that other enthusiasts are showing off and meet their owners.

Auto clubs usually have like-minded classic car lovers, or are geared towards a specific type of classic, brand or make of car. This provides loads of benefits, from having a basic common appreciation in the classic you’ve elected to spend your time with, to enabling you to have a network of people you can go to for advice regarding your classic car. Perhaps people if your newly found network may even know “the” mechanic to have care for your classic, when needed and that is worth gold.

There are numerous classic car clubs out there and our listing is probably the best place to start your search.

With well over 30+ known car clubs, fortunately for us, Ontario is the place to be (in Canada) as it is one of the largest provinces for classic cars, muscle cars and hot rods. 

Our recommendation is to search for those local clubs or groups in your area that cater specifically to your interests and see what type of accessibility they offer. Hopefully, you’ll be out with people that appreciate your classic just as much as you do in the very near future.

Happy searching!

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