Bluetooth and Your Classic Car

Written by Mike Wilson on December 07, 2017

Any classic car owner knows that we have to be careful about which upgrades we allow to find their way into our classic vehicle. This goes for everything from more modern and efficient engine parts, to things that tend to be commonplace today. For example, today’s automobile manufacturers offer default car packages that include Bluetooth connectivity. And why shouldn’t they, it’s fantastic! But as a classic car enthusiast, would you be willing to install a Bluetooth integration unit?

It depends, right? Would it affect your insurance policy? Would it take away from the “classic” appeal of your car?

Well, lucky for us, this minor modification isn’t enough to qualify your classic car as a “modified” vehicle. So, in terms of an impact on your insurance policy, you’re good to take on this small project. As for the other question, it all depends on why you want this upgrade in the first place.

Now, there are a couple of reasons why you may decide to venture towards installing Bluetooth capabilities into your classic. Security is a possible reason with integrated hands-free telephone options, but the most popular reason is music accessibility. In other words, the convenience of having your smartphone, iPod or tablet play maestro throughout the classic car season.

At the moment, with your classic in storage, it’s also a great time to have a potentially non-complicated DIY project to take on. We rate this project as “beginner”, because it doesn’t actually require you to do anything that may damage or affect the integrity of the classic status. It does, however, require you to be at ease with a little wiring.

But as usual, we’d like to remind you that if you’re going to start poking holes or adding anything that’s screwed or secured into your interior; your classic is typically best served by a professional.

Now, a popular option to complete this project is acquiring a Bluetooth controller unit which can easily be wired into the existing sound system of your classic car. This unit is effectively inserted between the radio and the speakers, which enables the owner to pair and subsequently control, play, or stream music from their smartphone, iPod or tablet, while preserving the integrity of the original sound system.

There are many manufacturers who offer these units,  but before any project, we recommend you study any pieces you may invest in.

Kindly note with respect to those interested in installing Bluetooth for call-handling and hands-free capabilities, this is a separate topic and requires a different type of controller as well as professional installation.

Naturally, with any modification or updates to your classic vehicle, always inform your insurer to guarantee coverage and update your insurance profile.

Here’s to your next (music-filled) classic car season!

Happy DIY’ing.

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